Winterberry Wonder Bath Body Works

What does Winterberry wonder Bath and Body Works smell like?

Winterberry Wonder by Bath and Body Works is a Floral fragrance for women. Winterberry Wonder was launched in 2015. Top notes are Frosted Apple, Pomegranate, Clementine and Pear; middle notes are Brandy, Apple, Cinnamon Flower and Saffron; base notes are Plum, Vanilla and Sandalowood. via

Does Winterberry have a smell?

It as a really nice fragrance. I would say more like sweet berries – NOT holly berries! Do you find this helpful? It’s more on the sweet side. via

How do I find my retired Bath and Body Works scents?

The ‘Retired Fragrance’ page isn’t promoted on the Bath & Body Works website — but it’s not too hard to find. You’ll first want to scroll over the “Body Care” section. Then in the “Featured” column, click the “Retired Fragrance” line that’s listed on the right. via

Which fragrance of Bath and Body Works is best?

These Are the Best Bath & Body Works Scents of All Time, Ranked

  • of 15. The Versatile Scent. Japanese Cherry Blossom.
  • of 15. The Summery Scent. Saltwater Breeze.
  • of 15. The Sweet Scent.
  • of 15. The Clean Scent.
  • of 15. The Mysterious Scent.
  • of 15. The Dainty Scent.
  • of 15. The Romantic Scent.
  • of 15. The Nostalgic Scent.
  • via

    Does winter candy apple smell good?

    And it smells great when combined with other fragrances. This smells just like a crisp and fresh apple! It’s a clean, country scent. It really brightens up my mood because it smells so pleasant. via

    What does snowflakes and cashmere smell like?

    Snowflakes & Cashmere by Bath and Body Works is a Floral Green fragrance for women. Snowflakes & Cashmere was launched in 2016. Top notes are Cashmeran and Vanilla; middle notes are Clementine and White Tea; base notes are Amber and Woodsy Notes. via

    What do holly berries smell like?

    What Does Holly Berry Fragrance Oil Smell Like? Holly Berry Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden smells like the warm and bright aroma of Christmas Holly. This Holiday scent is a well balanced blend of bayberry, pine, cinnamon, clove, and lemon rinds. via

    What was the first Bath and Body Works scent?

    The oldest scent is Sweet Pea.

    It launched in 2000 and has been a shopper favorite since then. via

    Does Bath and Body Works rename scents?

    ​If you have been a fan of BBW for a while, you probably know they recycle/repackage their fragrances ALL THE TIME. They do this for both Body care & Home Fragrances. They change the name, and sometimes the scent NOTES themselves, and sell them as NEW. via

    When did Juniper Breeze come out?

    Didn’t come out until 2002. Juniper Breeze and Plumeria! Juniper breeze and cucumber melon definitely! Why did they ever take them away? via

    What is the scent of gingham Bath and Body Works?

    Gingham from Bath & Body Works

    Think of Gingham as Bath & Body Works in a bottle. This blend of blue freesia, sweet clementine and soft violet petals is the definition of a beautiful picnic. It’s a scent that you’ll wear for every occasion – from work to weddings and lazy summer days to romantic winter nights. via

    What scent is champagne toast Bath and Body Works?

    What it smells like: a fruity, sweet, sparkling spritzer. Fragrance notes: bubbly champagne, sparkling berries and juicy tangerine. via

    What does gingham smell like?

    What it smells like: a fresh, vibrant, happy celebration of everything you love about Bath & Body Works. Fragrance notes: blue freesia, white peach, fresh clementine, violet and clean musk. via

    Does Vanilla Bean Noel smell good? (video)

    What does a thousand wishes smell like?

    The description for A Thousand Wishes scent is “A festive blend of pink prosecco, sparkling quince, crystal peonies, gilded amber & amaretto creme“. via

    What does frosted coconut snowball smell like?

    The packaging on Frosted Coconut Snowball is a cute snowman or sled with a blue background which is nice for people who want to decorate with colors other than the traditional red and green. The scent smells like coconut, Hawaii and a bit of vanilla/mint which adds a holiday touch. via

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