Time Is A Mother

Time is a Mother, Ocean Vuong’s latest poetry collection, can be read holistically as a paradox, zen koan, or the poetic equivalent of a Möbius strip. Time, normally associated with death and erasure, embodied in the image of the Greek god Kronos devouring his young, is transformed by the poet into a mother with endlessly regenerative power. via

What are Ocean Vuong poems about?

Born in Saigon, poet and editor Ocean Vuong was raised in Hartford, Connecticut, and earned a BA at Brooklyn College (CUNY). In his poems, he often explores transformation, desire, and violent loss. via

Who is Ocean Vuong mother?

He has a new poetry collection written in the aftershocks of the death of his mother, Rose, a Vietnamese immigrant who raised Vuong as a single mother working in a nail salon for 25 years. via

How did Ocean Vuong get his name?

It was Vuong’s mother, a manicurist, who gave him his name. (He was born Vinh Quoc Vuong.) On a summer day at the nail salon, she told a customer that she wanted to go to the beach. via

Was Ocean Vuong’s father abusive?

Perry Smith has many examples of how his upbringing has made him the way he is. Perry’s life was filled with violence and neglect. Perry had a seemingly happy life until his dad started to beat his mother and she turned to drunkenness and promiscuity. via

Is Little Dog Ocean Vuong?

Plot. The novel is written in the form of a letter by a young Vietnamese American nicknamed Little Dog, whose life mirrors that of Ocean Vuong. The letter is written to Little Dog’s mother Hong, more often called or translated as Rose (hồng). The novel has a nonlinear narrative structure. via

What is Mary Oliver’s most famous poem?

What is Mary Oliver’s most famous poem? “Wild Geese” is one of the most famous poems of Mary Oliver. Her other best-loved poems include “A Dream of Trees,” “The Journey,” “The Summer Day,” and “When Death Comes.” via

What does the poem toy boat by Ocean Vuong mean?

The poem describes a solitary toy boat that floats in a sea, immobile and without a destination. The image of this “oarless” boat helps to depict the seemingly uncontrollable and unpredictable nature of life, as one’s fate may be decided by forces outside of their own will. via

What is the theme of someday I’ll love Ocean Vuong?

Underlying Themes

Racial nepotism as seen in the line “Like how the spine/ won’t remember its wings/ no matter how many times our knees/ kiss the pavement”. via

How do you pronounce Vuong? (video)


Is that what art is to be touched thinking what we feel is ours when in the end it was someone else in longing who finds us?

And then the feeling, the velvet heat of it, everywhere inside me. Is that what art is? To be touched thinking what we feel is ours when, in the end, it was someone else, in longing, who finds us? Who among us, no matter what we write, don’t want to reach that person who finds themselves, and us, in our work? via

Who is Trevor in on earth were briefly gorgeous?

Trevor is Little Dog’s first relationship, his friend and his lover. They are together for almost three years until Little Dog leaves to go to college. Raised to be macho, tough, and masculine, Trevor is ashamed of his sexuality. He views his sexual exploration with Little Dog as a phase that will eventually end. via

What is the poem on earth we’re briefly gorgeous about?

More than this poem, On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous prompts readers to take the more difficult path. In addition to telling Little Dog’s story, it tells the story of his grandmother Lan, who runs away from an arranged marriage during the war in Vietnam and ends up a sex worker. via

What did the teacher do after reading Vuong’s poem?

His teacher assumed — wrongfully — that he had plagiarised the poem, and demanded to know where it had been copied from. The teacher went so far as to tip Vuong’s desk to empty the contents of the attached cubby. via

What is a country but a borderless sentence?

“What is a country but a borderless sentence, a life?” Little Dog asks, and then, later, “What is a country but a life sentence?” Like the Beijing-born novelist Yiyun Li, Vuong has a fondness for the sort of wordplay that involves noticing odd accidents in the language that he had to consciously learn. via

Is on earth we’re briefly gorgeous LGBT?

Ocean Vuong explores both gender and sexuality in his autobiographical novel, On Earth we’re Briefly Gorgeous. The novel focuses on Little Dog, a Vietnamese American, who knows from a very young age that he is gay. via

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