The Cimarron Kid

Was there a Cimarron Kid?

The Cimarron Kid is a 1952 American Western film directed by Budd Boetticher and starring Audie Murphy and Beverly Tyler.

The Cimarron Kid
Story by Louis Stevens Kay Lenard
Produced by Ted Richmond
Starring Audie Murphy Beverly Tyler
Cinematography Charles P. Boyle


How does the Cimarron Kid end?

Bill initially refuses to speak to Carrie, but after Pat explains to him that once Bill is released from jail, he will sign his ranch over to Bill and Carrie, Bill kisses Carrie goodbye and promises to return. via

Who was Doolin Dalton?

William Doolin (1858 – August 24, 1896) was an American bandit outlaw and founder of the Wild Bunch, sometimes known as the Doolin-Dalton Gang. Like the earlier Dalton Gang alone, it specialized in robbing banks, trains, and stagecoaches in Arkansas, Kansas, Indiana, and Oklahoma during the 1890s. via

Did Bill Doolin have any children?

In March 1893, Doolin married a preacher’s daughter, Edith Ellsworth, in a secret ceremony at Kingfisher, O.T. In time they had one child, Jay Doolin, who later took the name Samuel Meek. For a wedding present, the gang robbed a train at Cimarron, Kansas, stealing $1,000, but Doolin was shot in the left foot. via

Who Captured Bill Doolan?

The outlaws escaped after killing one marshal and mortally wounding two others. Subsequent robberies were committed at Pawnee and Woodward in 1894 and at Dover in 1895. Deputy U.S. Marshal Bill Tilghman captured Doolin at Eureka Springs, Arkansas, on January 15, 1896, but Doolin escaped from the jail in Guthrie, O.T. via

What happened to outlaw Bill Doolin?

The outlaw Bill Doolin is killed by a posse at Lawson, Oklahoma on the night of August 25, 1896. via

How many Dalton brothers were there?

There were three Dalton brothers in the gang: Emmett “Em” Dalton, born in 1871; Robert “Bob” Renick Dalton, born 1869; and Gratton “Grat” Dalton, born 1861. A fourth brother, William M. “Bill” Dalton (1866-1894) was an outlaw as well and mainly rode with the Wild Bunch. via

How does the Doolins of Oklahoma end?

As time passes, the gang grows increasingly restive. Doolin takes them back to Ingalls for a rest, but an undercover marshal is waiting in town, and fetches the posse. During the ensuing gunfight, Tulsa is killed and Arkansas is captured. Later, Bitter Creek and Red Buck are also killed. via

Was there a real wild bunch?

The Wild Bunch, also known as the Doolin–Dalton Gang, or the Oklahombres, were a gang of American outlaws based in the Indian Territory in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. via

What happened to Cattle Annie and Little Britches?

Little Britches faded into history; Jennie Stevens, however, married and settled down in the Tulsa area with her family. Two years after having been sent “back east” to Massachusetts, Cattle Annie was reported to have died of “consumption,” or tuberculosis, in a New York hospital. via

Are the Daltons real?

The Dalton Gang was a group of outlaws in the American Old West during 1890–1892. It was also known as The Dalton Brothers because four of its members were brothers. The gang specialized in bank and train robberies. via

Do the Daltons ever escape?

The Daltons have escaped! A” Words that all fans of Lucky Luke know well. But this is the story of the first time that the idiotic brothers break out of jail. via

What happened to the Dalton boys?

When the gun battle was over, the people of Coffeyville had destroyed the Dalton Gang, killing every member except for Emmett Dalton. But their victory was not without a price: the Dalton’s took four townspeople to their graves with them. via

Who is the leader of the Wild Bunch?

The gang was led by Butch Cassidy, and it included his closest friend Elzy Lay, the Sundance Kid, Tall Texan, News Carver, Camilla “Deaf Charley” Hanks, Laura Bullion, Flat-Nose Curry, Kid Curry, and Bob Meeks. They were the most successful train-robbing gang in history. via

Was there a real Kid Curry?

Harvey Alexander Logan (1867 – June 17, 1904), also known as Kid Curry, was an American outlaw and gunman who rode with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’s infamous Wild Bunch gang during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. via

Was the Sundance Kid Part of the Wild Bunch?

Aside from Cassidy and Kid Curry, other notables in the Wild Bunch were Elzy Lay, Harry Longabaugh (the “Sundance Kid”), Ben (the “Tall Texan”) Kilpatrick, George Sutherland (“Flat Nose”) Curry, Will Carver, and O.C. (“Camilla”) Hanks. via

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