T500 Smart Watch

Is T500 watch worth buying?

The screen in T500 Plus Smartwatch is my favorite type, its a large 1.75 inch IPS screen, and 2.5D curved to display better content and details, and because it has a resolution of 320*385 pixels, This is what makes it one of the best screens in a budget smartwatch in terms of size and resolution, even sharpness of via

Which brand is T500 smart watch?

Acromax Active T500 Smart Watch Series 7X Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android iOS 6 Months Warranty. via

Can you text on a T500 smart watch?

Bluetooth Working Mode – Just connect the smart watch with your phone via Bluetooth, then download and install the APP (2M Wear), so you can read Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and other application push messages, make or receive phone call directly from the smart watch, view and reply text messages etc.. via

Is T500 an Apple watch? (video)


Does T500 smart watch make calls?

This New T500 is designed and built from the inside out to help you be more energetic, healthier and closer to life. The comfortable and fast life experience redefines the new height of intelligent life. This Watch can Answer and Make Calls! via

Does T500 Smart Watch have camera?

LG EGO T500 Compatible Bluetooth Smartwatch (Golden) With Camera & Sim Card Support & Supporting Apps Like Twitter, Whats App, Facebook, Touch Screen Multilanguage Android/IOS Mobile Phone Wrist Watch Phone with activity trackers and fitness band features by Mobilefit. via

Is T500 watch waterproof?

T500 Smart Watch Full Touch Screen, Massages & Calls, Waterproof, Heart Rate Sensor. via

What is the price of smart watch T500?

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Fashion T500 Smartwatch (Black Strap, 44)

Sales Package 1 Smartwatch
Model Number T500
Model Name T500
Dial Color Black
Dial Shape Square


Does T500 have GPS?

Premium T500 Smart Watch (4G + GPS + Waterproof+ Bluetooth Calling) – Black. via

How do I connect my iPhone to my t500? (video)


How do I set the time on my t500 smartwatch? (video)


How do you answer a call on a smartwatch? (video)


How long does T500 battery last?

Time Up T500 Smartwatch (Black Strap, Regular)

Maximum Operating Altitude -1 m
Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Charge Time 60 min
Battery Life 24 hours
Rechargeable Battery Yes


Is T500 plus smart watch?

T500 plus Series 6 44 mm Smart watch:- Smart Watch comes with Bluetooth call feature which help you to answer a call over the smart watch. It has high quality microphone & speaker for voice calling & music. via

What is the price of T500 in Pakistan?

The Lowest price of T500 Smart Watch in Pakistan is Rs. 1,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,615. via

Is T500 a brand?

Customer Review: Muvit T500 Smart Watch Bluetooth Phone Watch T500 Bluetooth Call Smart Watch ECG Heart Rate Monit…

Brand Muvit
Special Feature Wireless
Compatible Devices Mobile Phone
Screen Size 1.54 Inches


Does T500 use SIM card?

Description. This Smart Watch comes with Bluetooth call (No SIM Slot) feature which help you to answer a call over the smart watch. It has touch screen & smart wake up feature. via

Is T500 smart watch an android?

1.54 inch screen, Bluetooth call, Bluetooth music,The popular style on the market, affordable price, suitable for you to do sales. via

How do you charge a T500 smart watch?

USB Design: You can charge your T500 / T55 smart watch simply by plugging your USB charger into your laptop, PC, Mac, notebook USB port, or 5V/1A adapter. via

What is hiwatch6?

Hiwatch 6 T500 Plus 1.75inch Smart Watch Men Women Waterproof Heart Rate Blood Pressure Fitness Tracker Smartwatch. FOB Price: US $9-9.4 / Piece. Min. via

Is T55 smart watch water resistant?

Smart watches T55 Watch Ip67 Waterproof Long Standby Heart Rate Blood Pressure Smartwatch for Support iOS Android. via

Is T500 watch full screen?

t500 Plus Series 6 Full Screen Bluetooth Smart Watch TR18 | Shopee India. via

What does the T500 watch do? (video)


How do I change the wallpaper on my Canon T500? (video)


Is a T500 watch compatible with iPhone?

Compatible Band :Water proof Smart fitness Band with Bluetooth or Heart Rate sensor, Supports smart phones, Tablets and PC’s and also support Android and iOS. via

Does T500 smart watch work with iPhone?

Yes it is possible to connect the T500 or T500 Plus smart watch to an iPhone. Pair it like any other Bluetooth device. It will recognize it. I did it. via

Is the T500 smart watch compatible with iPhone?

Product details. New Link T500 Smart watch is Compatible with most iPhone iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 above smartphones. You can get calls, make calls, receive SMS text and SNS messages including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Messenger and more, email, calendar alerts. via

How do you Bluetooth a t500 smart watch?

Bluetooth 4.0 connection method: open the APP and Bluetooth with the mobile phone, the APP remembers to enable the notification point to confirm. Click Add device, search for the device name and connect. Android phones need to turn on GPS to find the Bluetooth name of the smartwatch. via

How do I fix the time on my smartwatch?

  • Tap. Set date. .
  • Select the month, date and year then tap the. Done icon. to set.
  • Tap. Set time. .
  • Select the hour, minute and am / pm then tap the. Done icon. to set.
  • Tap. Set time zone. .
  • Select the appropriate option.
  • via

    How do I charge my smart watch?

    Place your smartwatch directly on the charger. The magnetic charger has two pins that align with circular grooves in the caseback. Make sure your watch is charging by looking for a lightning bolt at the top of the watch face, or by swiping down to see a lightning bolt next to your battery percentage. via

    Can I leave my phone at home and use my smartwatch?

    4. Does my phone need to be nearby to use my Android Wear watch? If your smartwatch is connected to Wi-Fi, and your phone has a Wi-Fi or cellular network connection, your smartphone can be anywhere you like. via

    Can a smartwatch be used as a phone?

    Similar to Bluetooth headsets, a few smartwatches allow you to make and receive phone calls directly through your device rather than just receiving an alert (provided it’s within wireless range of your smartphone). via

    Can we talk in smartwatch?

    Yes, you can. With your smartwatches, you can do A LOT! You can use them in making calls, receiving, and even replying to texts. And, of course, with the watch strapped to your wrist. via

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