Seven Deadly Sins Figures

The Seven Deadly Sins consist of the sins of Wrath, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Lust, Gluttony and Pride. “The Sin of Wrath” is Meliodas who was the first to regroup, while the second member is Diane, known as “the Sin of Envy”. Ban, “The Sin of Greed” joins shortly after and is followed by King, “The Sin of Sloth”. via

Who is the strongest sin in Seven Deadly Sins?

The strongest of the Seven Deadly Sins is Escanor, the lion’s sin of pride. via

Who are the strongest members of the Seven Deadly Sins?

All Known Members Of The Seven Deadly Sins, Ranked by Strength

  • 7 Diane.
  • 6 Gowther.
  • 5 King.
  • 4 Ban.
  • 3 Merlin.
  • 2 Escanor.
  • 1 Meliodas.
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    Who are the 7 members of Seven Deadly Sins?

    The members of the titular order of The Seven Deadly Sins. Clockwise from bottom left: Meliodas, Ban, King, Escanor, Diane, Merlin and Gowther. via

    Are there any Seven Deadly Sins funko Pops?

    From films to anime and celebrities, there are all sorts of Funko figures out there, but The Seven Deadly Sins has yet to get with the page. via

    Who is Demon King?

    The Demon King「魔神王」 is the ruler of the Demon Clan, as well as the one who handpicked the Ten Commandments and granted them their Commandments. He is also the father of Meliodas and Zeldris, two of the most powerful demons and the two strongest members of the Ten Commandments. via

    Who is stronger king or ban?

    For the majority of the series, Ban was weak in comparison to the other characters. It was only after his journey through the Purgatory that Ban gained tremendous power. The trip through the Purgatory made Ban more powerful and resilient. He was able to withstand several blows from the Demon King. via

    Can Meliodas beat Escanor?

    Meliodas, the Demon King’s number one replacement, the Former Commander of Ten Elite Commandments, and the Captain of the notorious Seven Deadly Sins. … Despite Escanor defeating Meliodas once the reality is that Meliodas is stronger than Escanor. It is not that Escanor is powerless. via

    What color is Ban’s hair?

    He has short, spiky, pale blue hair and thin black eyebrows, and scarlet-red eyes. On the left side of his jaw and extending down to his neck, he has a large scar given to him by Meliodas. via

    What is Gowther gender?

    so that Why is Gowther a boy? Gowther was created in the image and likeness Glariza, the lover of the original Gowther, but to feel no attraction for his « child », he gave it a male body. He has a very feminine face and as such can be mistaken for a girl. via

    Who Meliodas mother?

    Artoria is the wife of the demon king and the mother of Meliodas, Selena and Zeldris. As well as the lover of the supreme deity and godmother of Elisabeth. Artoria is also the first host of chaos and the strongest woman of her time or even of all time. via

    What race is Merlin 7 Deadly?

    Merlin is a human from Belialuin.

    Belialuin was described as the “capital of the wizards” 3000 years before the events of Seven Deadly Sins. via

    What is Merlin true name?

    The result of this merger was the wizard “Merlin Ambrosius”. The real Merlin, Myrddin Wyllt, was born in about 540 and had a twin sister called Gwendydd. via

    Will there be demon slayer funko Pops?

    The Giyu Tomioka Demon Slayer Funko Pop is a AAA Anime exclusive that you can pre-order here at Entertainment Earth. It features the Water Hashira preparing for battle by unleashing his water breathing technique. via

    Who is Avos Dilhevia?

    The Fake Demon King, Avos Dilhevia, true identity is revealed to be a spirit born from tradition and another aspect of Misa. To know the secret of the birth of the great spirit, Avos, Anos visits Aharthern 2,000 years ago by going back in time. via

    Is Tanjiro the Demon King?

    In the finale of the Demon Slayer manga series, Tanjiro becomes the new Demon King when Muzan put his soul into Tanjiro’s body. However, things take an exciting turn when with the help of Tamayo’s medicines and Nezuko’s calling, Tanjiro fights with Muzan for control over his own body. via

    Is Zeldris a villain?

    Type of Villain

    Zeldris is the second son of the Demon King, the younger brother of Meliodas and the secondary antagonist of the anime and manga series The Seven Deadly Sins. He serves as the leader of the Demon Clan’s elite force, the Ten Commandments. via

    Who is the strongest sin?

    Meliodas is undoubtedly the most powerful one out of the Seven Sins. via

    Who is the strongest holy knight?

  • 1 Zaratras (3,060)
  • 2 Dreyfus (3,000)
  • 3 Denzel Liones (2,870)
  • 4 Slader (2,790)
  • 5 Hendrickson (2,650)
  • 6 Howzer (2,350)
  • 7 Gilthunder (2,330)
  • 8 Deathpierce (1,690)
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    Who is stronger Meliodas or Zeldris?

    Zeldris is a powerful demon with numerous dangerous skills such as Hellblaze, God, and Ominous Nebula. These abilities grant Zeldris incredible destructive force making him hard to beat for anybody, including Meliodas. via

    What is Meliodas highest power level?

    In his demon king form, meliodas’ power level is assumed to be from 700k to 1,200k. Currently the highest known power level is meliodas in his assault mode at 142,000. via

    Who is stronger Meliodas or Mael?

    Mael is perhaps stronger than Meliodas and also he is half demon and half Archangel as of now. So, it is highly probable of him being a Bridge of Peace between the Demon Clan and Goddess Clan. It is highly probable, that his being a “Bridge” can end the war. via

    Who is stronger Meliodas or Asta?


    The scale of Meliodas’s power is on a whole different level than Asta. He can destroy mountains, lakes and even kingdoms with his power. For Asta to Fight against Meliodas will be foolish and will end with the loss carved in stone for Asta. via

    How old is Elaine Ban?

    Seven Deadly Sins Statistics Chart

    Character Age Birthday
    Escanor 41 July 1
    Elizabeth Liones 16 June 12
    Hawk 16 August 6
    Elaine 1000+ March 14


    Did Ban and Elaine have a child?

    Lancelot「ランスロット」 is the son of Ban and Elaine. via

    How old is Ban after Purgatory?

    7 Ban (43 Years Old)

    Fans are well aware that Ban cannot age or die, since he was forcefully given a drink from the Fairy Clan’s Fountain of Youth 2o years before the events of the main story. via

    Why is Diane the sin of envy?

    She was also accused of murdering more than 300 other knights. As she is about to be sentenced for her crimes, Meliodas shows up and saves her and takes her with him. He introduces her to the other members of the Seven Deadly Sins and she joins them as Envy. via

    Who is Gowther in love with?

    Glariza was a member of the Demon Clan and in some point she became the lover of the great wizard, Gowther. She was part of a group of innocent Demons that were captured by the Goddess Clan before being massacred by the Archangel, Mael. via

    Is Meliodas a commandment?

    3,000 years ago. The majority of Meliodas’ childhood is unknown but in the past, Meliodas was trained by Chandler and was the leader of the Demon Clan’s Ten Commandments, bestowed with the Commandment of “Love” and regarded as the one most likely to become the next Demon King, for his strength and ruthlessness. via

    Is Hawks mom a God?

    She was revered as a deity by the Celestial Clan, who called her the Great Oshiro. via

    Who is Meliodas’s son?

    Tristan Liones「トリスタン・リオネス」 is the son of Meliodas and Elizabeth Liones, the prince of the Kingdom of Liones, and one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse. via

    Is hawk a girl?

    Hawk has his mama who he travels with. He is also close to the sins since he and Meliodas started looking for them.


    Race Pig
    Gender Male
    Age 16
    Magical Ability Transpork
    Alignment Neutral Good


    What race is Escanor?

    Escanor is considered the single strongest true human, as well as one of the strongest characters overall. At high noon, his power reaches its peak and he becomes “The One,” described as an “invincible incarnation of power” by Merlin, for a minute. via

    Who married Merlin?

    Merlin spends a part of his life as a madman in the woods and marries a woman named Guendoloena (a character inspired by the male Gwenddoleu ap Ceidio). He eventually retires to observing stars from his esplumoir, a house with seventy windows in the remote woods of Rhydderch. via

    What sin did Merlin commit that Escanor knew?

    Escanor is the Lion’s sin of Pride, because he is mistakenly blamed for destroying towns he tried to help, in prideful defiance of the king. It was known that Merlin bore the Pig’s sin of Gluttony, but it was unknown until near the end of the series what her sin had been exactly. via

    Is ban the reincarnation of Rou?

    Rou is not related to ban in no sense at all. In fact, Rou is the reincarnation of Oslo. via

    Why did Merlin knock Meliodas out?

    After Meliodas ordered the group to disperse, a little girl helped the Deadly Sins to escape. In the chaos, the girl was heavily injured, and Meliodas lost control of his anger. Merlin apologized to him and knocked him unconscious, stealing his strength and taking it to Istar to seal it away until the time came. via

    Is Diane The giant Queen?

    During the New Holy War arc, Diane’s strength was fully acknowledged by the former King of the Giant Clan, Drole as he himself died protecting her after declaring her as his successor, making her the next potential ruler of the Giants as well as the unofficial “Giant Queen.” She is also currently the wife to King, who via

    How old is Nezuko?

    Nezuko Kamado is one of the youngest characters in Demon Slayer as she is only 12 years old at the start of the story when she is turned into a demon. via

    How old is Tanjiro?

    Tanjiro Kamado was born on July 14th and is 13 years old for the first few episodes of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. via

    What anime have Funko Pop?

    The 10 Best Anime Funko Pops Ever Made, Ranked

  • via

    Who is the real Demon King in The Misfit of Demon King Academy?

    Avos Dilhevia, the “true Demon King,” Launches His War

    Avos Dilhevia steps onto the scene and confronts both Anos and Diego in the castle, and is powerful enough to hold them both off. via

    Why did Kanon create Avos Dilhevia?

    Seeing that humans would not get over their hatred, Kanon decided to protect Anos. He created the fictional Demon King Avos Dilhevia as an outlet for the humans’ resentment. He then talked and sometimes fought with the demons to persuade them into helping him. via

    Who is Kanon?

    Kanon is the cousin and baseball team manager of Leon Kuwata. She is also obsessively in love with him. She is the closest person to him, which is why she became a Captive for the first motive in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. via

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