Purple My Little Pony

What is the purple My Little Pony name?

Twilight is depicted in the first three seasons as a purple unicorn with a pink-streaked indigo mane and as a alicorn after “Magical Mystery Cure”. Twilight is the most intellectual member of the group who leads them during their adventures and helps resolve her friends’ differences. via

Which My Little Pony is purple with blue hair?

Izzy is a lilac unicorn with navy blue hooves. She has a wavy, cerulean blue mane and tail with an indigo ombre. Some promotional images show purple on her mane. via

What are all the names of my little ponies?

From left to right: Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy. The My Little Pony brand describes its characters as ponies. via

Is Zipp a boy or a girl?

Princess Zipp Storm, full name Zephyrina Storm, is a female Pegasus pony and one of the main characters of My Little Pony: A New Generation and My Little Pony Generation 5. via

Who did Applejack marry?

Applejack is married to Vinyl Scratch and they have two kids together; Southern Belle and Banjo Blues. via

Who is Fluttershy married to?

AU, Fluttershy is married to Discord and has a son, Jet Lag, with her. A few years before Jet, both species adopted Scootaloo as a daughter. Being that this is an anthro’s-only verse, Fluttershy stands at about 5’7” and has a very lanky build. via

Is Rainbow Dash a girl or a boy?

Rainbow Dash is a female Pegasus pony and one of the main characters in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She maintains the weather and clears the skies in Ponyville. via

Is Izzy Moonbow related to Pinkie Pie?

Izzy is a Descendant of Pinkie Pie. via

Is Applejack a girl or boy?

Applejack is a female Earth pony and one of the main characters of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She lives and works at Sweet Apple Acres with her grandmother Granny Smith, her older brother Big McIntosh, her younger sister Apple Bloom, and her dog Winona. She represents the element of honesty. via

What is Pinkie Pie’s full name?

Pinkie Pie says her full name is Pinkamena Diane Pie, however Lauren Faust once said that Pinkie may not have been 100% truthful about this. via

Is Applejack and Rainbow Dash married?

episode, Rainbow Dash also places her hoof on Applejack’s head, And it was confirmed by Applejack’s voice actress and Rainbow Dash, that they actually got married in the last episode, there are still fans who still don’t want to believe that they are an official couple, in addition to the voice actress confirmed, other via

Does Rainbow Dash get married?

Here, Rainbow Dash is married to Soarin Skies, and they have 2 kids: Twister Breeze and Windy Breeze. via

Is Zip a descendant of Rainbow Dash?

Zipp is A Descendant of Rainbow Dash. via

What is zipps cutie mark?

Cutie Mark

A lightning bolt with a crown atop. via

Is hitch related to fluttershy?

Meaning that Hitch is a descendant of both Fluttershy and Applejack. via

Who does Applejack have a crush on?

Applejack nervously agrees because she has a secret crush on RD, and is pleasantly surprised that the feelings are mutual. via

Who does Rainbow Dash have a crush on?

Forest Thunder/Rainbow Dash

In the chapter book Rainbow Dash Brings the Blitz, Rainbow Dash’s classmate Forest Thunder is heavily implied to have a crush on her, as suggested by Sunset Shimmer, Applejack, and Rarity. Narration in chapter 12, “Coed Harmony”, states that Rainbow Dash thinks he is “cute and nice”. via

Who married Spike?

Spike is comforted by his then-husband Garble. They marry and have a male dragon; Fiero, and a female dragon; Earnest. Garble moves to Canterlot with their children to accompany Spike. The two divorce after lots of bickering over the years, and remain frenemies. via

Who has crush on Spike?

Throughout the series, Spike has been shown to have a big crush on Rarity, calling her beautiful when he first sees her in the show’s pilot episode; in the season 2 episode, “Secret of my Excess”; he admits his crush to her which she accepts. via

Who does Big Mac marry?

Cake’s efforts to help get in the way. Eventually, Big Mac and Sugar Belle both propose to each other, and they get married at the end of the episode. Big Mac getting married to Sugar Belle. via

Who is starlight glimmer married to?

In this Starlight is happily married to Sunburst and they have a daughter named Luster dawn (as some are suspecting). As she can be seen in the last episode in season 9 talking to the princess Twilight in her castle about friendship. via

How old is Celestia?

Meet Princess Celestia

She is the only pony with a unicorn’s horn and Pegasus wings. Wise and kind, she is the mentor to Twilight Sparkle. All of the ponies look up to her and depend on her. Some say she is so wise because she is over one thousand years old. via

Is Rainbow Dash married to Twilight?

DisneyFanaticverse. Here, Twilight is one of the four princesses and is married to Rainbow Dash. They have a daughter named Rainbow Sparkle. via

How old is starlight glimmer from My Little Pony?

Age 28

Starlight Glimmer
Nationality She was born in Equestria
Born 21st of December, 1990
Age 28
Status Alive


Is Sunny related to Twilight Sparkle?

Personality. Sunny is portrayed as a very optimistic and bright-eyed pony. Having grown up with her father’s stories of Twilight Sparkle, she values the idea of friendship between all ponies and holds it in the highest regard, despite what her peers teach and believe. via

Is Sunny a descendant of Twilight Sparkle?

Sunny Starscout is a descendant of Twilight Sparkle. via

What is Izzy’s cutie mark?

Izzy Moonbow is a female unicorn pony and one of the main characters of My Little Pony: A New Generation and My Little Pony Generation 5.

Izzy Moonbow.

ExpandMore info
Horn Light bluish gray
Magic aura Pale heliotrope
Cutie mark


Who is the oldest in My Little Pony?

Applejack is the oldest. She is very strong because she can kick trees to cause the apples to fall. Twilight is the second oldest. She is very smart, and she knows a lot about friendship, but she’s the youngest princess of Equestria. via

What is Apple Bloom’s real cutie mark?

In the PONY. MOV series, her cutie mark is a flower. In the episode Crusaders of the Lost Mark, she earns her cutie mark, a shield with a heart shaped apple in it. via

Are there any male My Little ponies?

The Boys of the herd. In merchandise, male ponies tend to be much fewer in number, with the majority appearing in G1 or G4, though there are exceptions. via

Why isn’t Pinkie Pie named after a rock?

Pinkie’s siblings all have names that are obviously references to rocks. This is apparently a tradition of the Pie family as Pinkie’s father is named Igneous Rock and her grandfather is Feldspar Granite. via

Is Pinkie Pie related to Apple Jack?

In this episode, Pinkie Pie joins Applejack, Apple Bloom, Big McIntosh, and Granny Smith on a trip to find out whether or not she is Applejack’s cousin.

Pinkie Apple Pie
Featured characters: Apple family: Expand Big McIntosh Granny Smith Apple Bloom Goldie Delicious
Song: Apples to the Core
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What age is Rainbow Dash?

Rainbow Dash
Age 23
Birthday 1/2/1999
Sex Female
Species Pegasus


How did My Little Pony end?

The Ending of the End — Part 2

Discord enacts a plan to free Starlight so she can release the others. Starlight, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Discord and the Pillars fend off the villains while Twilight’s friends escape. via

Who is sunset shimmer married to?

Sunset Shimmer will somehow have strong relationships with her closes friends Thomas the Tank Engine, Percy and Princess Twilight Sparkle. In Tino and Sunset Shimmer’s Future, it reveals that she and Tino are husband and wife. via

Are Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo sisters?

Scootaloo and and Rainbow Dash are not sisters. They have a sibling bond because Scootaloo looks up to RD, but are not related. via

Does Twilight Sparkle have a sister?

She is also the daughter of Twilight Velvet and Night Light, the younger sister of Shining Armor, sister-in-law to Princess Cadance, and paternal aunt to Flurry Heart. via

Are Rainbow Dash and Applejack married canon?

Reasons it’s not canon: -Rainbow Dash was talking about the chores at Sweet Apple Acres since Applejack has taken over as the leader for the farm after Granny Smith’s passing, which implies that she wants to help Applejack finish her chores quicker. –There is no sign that they’re a couple, nor any sign of marriage. via

Who does Princess Luna marry?

Luna is married to Derpy Hooves and has a foal with her, Prince Vladimir Polaris. via

What is Hitch’s cutie mark?

His cutie mark is a gold shield with a teal horseshoe in the center. There are two teal hearts on the bottom of either side of the shield. He is frequently seen with a golden sash featuring a horseshoe emblem around his chest. via

Are Zipp and Pipp sisters?

We finally have confirmation that these two are in fact, siblings! Hasbro has released images of both Zipp Storm and Princess Pipp Petals for Siblings Day today, celebrating their sisterly connection. Each of them will be joining Hitch Trailblazer, Sunny Starscout, and Izzy Moonbow in the Netflix release this fall. via

What is the newest My Little Pony?

Hasbro’s My Little Pony is ready to ride into a big content year, with a new series and two specials for Netflix and another series for YouTube all slated to debut in 2022. Netflix has ordered My Little Pony: Make Your Mark (pictured), an eight x 22-minute series about five magical ponies taking on new adventures. via

Who is Izzy Moonbow related to?

Izzy is Luna’s Daughter

Long ago in an Equestria not quite like the one Izzy currently inhabits, there was a socially awkward moon princess who was super lonely… via

Is Pipp older than Zipp?

Pipp Petals (also referred to as Princess Petals and Ruby Petals in French and Italian) is a Pegasus pony and one of the main characters of the fifth generation of My Little Pony. She and her older sister, Zipp Storm, are the princesses of Zephyr Heights. via

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