Original Kings Of Comedy

The Original Kings of Comedy is a 2000 American stand-up comedy film directed by Spike Lee and featuring the comedy routines of Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, and Bernie Mac. via

Who are the 5 Kings of Comedy?


  • 1.1 Steve Harvey.
  • 1.2 D.L. Hughley.
  • 1.3 Cedric the Entertainer.
  • 1.4 Bernie Mac.
  • via

    Who was the original king of comedy?

    Directed by Spike Lee, The Original Kings of Comedy (2000) featured Cedric the Entertainer, Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey and D.L. Hughley. If you think back to the year 2000, the film was considered a box office success. via

    How many Kings of Comedy are there?

    Any of its four Kings–Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer and Bernie Mac–in a solo performance would be hilarious, so you can well imagine that the laughter just keeps building as one comedian follows another to create an unforgettable evening. via

    Who was on the Kings of Comedy Tour?

    Hughley, Cedric The Entertainer, and Bernie Mac and reveals the behind the scenes activities of a tour that continues to sell out arenas.

  • R (Language and Sex Related Humor)
  • Spike Lee.
  • Walter Latham.
  • Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Bernie Mac.
  • Aug 18, 2000 wide.
  • Feb 27, 2001.
  • $38.2M.
  • 1h 55m.
  • via

    Who is considered the queen of comedy?

    Comedian, who died at age 95, opened doors for female stand-ups. via

    Who would be the new kings of comedy?

    The New Kings of Comedy: DC Youngfly, Karlous Miller and Chico Bean. via

    Is DL Hughley a king of comedy?

    A true king of comedy, D.L. Hughley is one of the most popular and highly recognized comics working today. D.L. was most recently seen hosting his own talk show on CNN called D.L. Hughley Breaks the News. via

    Is Cedric the Entertainer and Steve Harvey still friends?

    Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer proved that true friendship still exists in Hollywood. The two men, who came up together in the industry as comedians, have been friends for more than three decades and gave fans a glimpse of their brotherhood as Steve and Cedric worked on numerous projects together. via

    How much is Cedric worth?

    Cedric the Entertainer Net Worth and Salary: Cedric the Entertainer is an American actor, comedian, director, and game show host who has a net worth of $25 million.

    Cedric the Entertainer Net Worth.

    Net Worth: $25 Million
    Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
    Profession: Comedian, Actor, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Television producer, Film director, Voice Actor


    How long did the Kings of Comedy tour last?

    “They said they would try it out for three shows, and see how it went and we ended up doing 59 shows that year.” The “Kings of Comedy” tour ran from 1997 to 1999. Many in the industry doubted it would run for even a year, despite the comedians’ celebrity among blacks. Besides Harvey, D.L. via

    How much were tickets to the Kings of Comedy?

    Kings Of Comedy live tickets typically start around the $53 range but depending on the performance and venue can exceed $129 per ticket. via

    Who were the 4 Queens of Comedy?

    The film follows the performances and behind-the-scenes conversations of four black, female stand-up comedians at Memphis, Tennessee’s Orpheum Theatre.

    The Queens of Comedy
    Written by Laura Hayes Adele Givens Sommore Mo’Nique
    Produced by Steve Purcell Walter Latham
    Starring Laura Hayes Adele Givens Sommore Mo’Nique


    Who won the Queens of Comedy?

    The winner of the first season of Queens of Comedy was announced recently. News18.com caught up with Niveditha Prakasam, a Chennai-based part-time comedian and now a full-time show owner on the channel and asked about her ‘first ever big win’. “I am quite overwhelmed, never ever have received so much attention. via

    Who is the comedy queen in India?

    Bharti Singh (Hindi: भारती सिंह; born 3 July 1984) is an Indian comedian, and television personality. Singh has created numerous comedy sketch shows as well as has hosted various award shows. via

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