Malcolm Mushroom Squishmallow

Is Malcolm a rare Squishmallow?

Malcolm the Mushroom is a rare/exquisite red and tan Squishmallow. via

What is the rarest Squishmallow?

The rarest Squishmallow is Jack the Black Cat.

He has closed white eyes and white whiskers as well as a tiny pink mouth. His biography describes him being strong and silent, as well as feisty and helpful. On auction sites like eBay, Jack the Black Cat sells for upwards of $2,000. via

Where do you find Malcolm Squishmallow?

Squishmallows™ 16″ Malcolm The Mushroom Plush Toy | Claire’s US. via

What squad is Malcolm Squishmallow in?

Squishmallow 5 Inch Fruit & Vegetable Squad Bundle – Ximena, Malcolm, Glena, Maui, Austin, Scarlet. COLLECT THEM ALL – So many characters in all sizes to choose from! via

How big is Malcolm the mushroom?

7.87 x 11.81 x 12.99 inches

Product Dimensions 7.87 x 11.81 x 12.99 inches
Customer Reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars 48 ratings 4.7 out of 5 stars
Manufacturer KellyToys


What size does Malcolm Squishmallow come in?

COLLECT THEM ALL – So many characters in all sizes to choose from! PERFECTLY SIZED SQUISHMALLOWS – These soft plush stuffed animals are warm cuddly fun and the right size for taking with you wherever you go. via

What is the 2 rarest Squishmallow?

15 Rarest and Most Valuable Squishmallows

No. Name Collector No.
1 Fania the Purple Owl 773
2 Jack the Black Cat
3 Santino the Platypus
4 Ben the Teal Dino 69


What is the oldest Squishmallow?

What was the first Squishmallow? Cam the Cat was the first Squishmallow released [1]. He loves going on adventures with his squad. via

What is the most wanted Squishmallow?

Baby Yoda. The force is strong with this popular Squishmallow. Baby Yoda was everyone’s unofficial obsession throughout 2020, and the plushie version is just as popular. via

How much does Malcolm Squishmallow cost?

Was: $34.99 Details
Price: $29.97
You Save: $5.02 (14%)


What is the biggest Squishmallow?

The machine-washable toy comes in a variety of sizes, from 3.5-inch clip-ons to an extra-large size of 24 inches. Squishmallows come in 3.5-inch (keychain), 5-inch, 7-inch, 8-inch, 11-inch, 12-inch, 13-inch, 16-inch, 20-inch, and 24-inch — the 13-inch will be discontinued soon. via

Why are Squishmallows so popular?

They’ve become huggable companions for the touch-starved and provide a sense of community in a time when people are more divided, both physically and mentally, than ever before. Their fuzzy, pliable feeling makes them the perfect cuddle buddy and allows them to double as a pillow as well. via

What fruit is Glena the Squishmallow?

Glena the Eggplant / Aubergine ~ 7″ inch Fruit Squad Squishmallow. via

What is the name of the frog Squishmallow?

Collector Number

Wendy the Frog is a green Squishmallow from the Original Squad. via

Where can I find Boba Squishmallow?

Squishmallows Jakarria The Blue Boba Drink 11″ Plush : Target. via

Does Costco have Squishmallows?

Squishmallows 16″ Plush | Costco. via

What is the shark Squishmallow name?

Squishmallow 8″ Gordon The Gray Shark. via

What is the most popular Squishmallow 2022?

  • 1 Fantasy Squad. Kelly Toy. $13 AT CLAIRES.COM.
  • 2 French Fry Floyd. Kelly Toy. Squishmallow.
  • 3 Hello Kitty. Squishmallow. Squishmallows.
  • 4 Surprise Squishmallow. Kelly Toy. $5 AT CLAIRES.COM.
  • 5 Citrus Squad. Kelly Toy. Squishmallow.
  • 6 Disney Characters. Kelly Toy. Squishmallow.
  • 7 Pompompurin Burger. Kelly Toy. Kellytoy.
  • 8 Dumbo. Kelly Toy.
  • via

    Why are Squishmallows so soft?

    Squishmallows are plush toys stuffed with super soft, marshmallowy polyester fiber. via

    What Squishmallows are coming out in 2022?

    Walmart 2022 Easter Squishmallows

  • Bexley the Unicorn, 8-Inch Plush.
  • Eliana the Tie Dyed Bunny, 8-Inch Plush.
  • Squishmallows Caroleena The Carrot Plush.
  • Sophie The White Easter Lamb With Bunny Ears, 8-Inch Plush.
  • Valentina Squishmallow, 13-Inch Plush.
  • Squishmallows 12″ Sophie the Lamb Easter 2022.
  • via

    What Squishmallows are discontinued?

    Included in this Assortment:

  • Sundae/Cupcake Pom Pom Purin.
  • Burger Pom Pom Purin.
  • Milkshake Tuxedo Sam.
  • Sundae Tuxedo Sam.
  • Watermelon My Melody.
  • Ice Cream My Melody.
  • via

    Why are Squishmallows sold out?

    These toys are perfect for toddlers because they’re compact, soft, and made to be hugged. With so many in need of comfort during the pandemic, it stands to reason that’s why they’ve been selling out in droves. Squishmallows come in many shapes and sizes from five inches to a whopping 24 inches. via

    Will Squishmallows be worth money?

    Like Beanie Babies, some Squishmallows are rarer and more desirable than others. The appeal can be because they’re extra cute, part of a unique set, or haven’t been produced a lot. Whatever the reason, rare Squishmallows can command high prices. These are the most valuable and what they’re worth. via

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