I Beam Clamps

How much weight can a beam clamp hold?

3/8″ C-Clamp Style Beam Clamp

Material Malleable Iron
Jaw Opening 3/4″
Width 1-3/4″
Load Limit 400 lb
Product Weight 0.3352


How do you hang things from an I beam?

Hang the heavy object from the installed eyebolt. Use an S-hook hung on the eyebolt on which to hang the object. If hanging a chair or hammock, use a swivel U-hook instead of an eye bolt to allow freer movement. via

How do you use an I beam clamp? (video)


Can beam clamps be used vertically?

The clamps can support both horizontal and vertical loads. Beam clamps are easier and faster to install than welds or drill holes, which would require specialized labor and equipment, as well as engineering analysis. via

How much weight will a 3/8 beam clamp hold?

Rod size: 3⁄8″ Design load 400 lbs. via

Can beam clamps be used upside down?

Beam clamps should not be dropped or thrown down. via

How do you hang things from a steel beam? (video)


How do you hang things from the ceiling beam? (video)


What is a beam clamps?

A Beam Clamp is a mechanical support used to attach a hanger rod to top flange of a beam or bar joist. Beam clamps can attach to the top flange up to 1-1/4” thickness. There are numerous types of beam clamps such as small mouth, large mouth, purlin, center-load, c-clamp, and light duty steel. via

Are beam clamps safe?

Ensure that you have the right clamp for the job. All beam clamps have a different Working Load Limit (WLL) so if you are lifting a load that is 3.1 Tonnes you will need to purchase a 5 Tonne beam clamp. Localised Overloading is extremely dangerous, this could cause the beam clamp to break and cause accidents. via

Can you lift a beam with a beam clamp?

Beam clamps provide a simple and portable means of attaching a hoist to a runway or lifting beam. via

Can beam clamps be side loaded?

Beam clamp applications: side loading

Standard beam clamps are designed for in-line use only. If the ID plate says to use the clamp at 0° only, do not use side-loading—use the angle that’s permitted. via

What is a plate clamp?

Also known as friction gripping lifters, plate clamps are lifting devices that are used to secure, as well as lift, a load in conjunction with a lifting machine. via

How does a beam carry load?

Beams primarily carry vertical gravitational forces. They are also used to carry horizontal loads (e.g., loads due to an earthquake or wind or in tension to resist rafter thrust as a tie beam or (usually) compression as a collar beam). via

What is a strut clamp?

Strut clamps are used to secure vertical or horizontal pipe runs to standard strut channel. Each clamp includes (2) brackets, (1) bolt and (1) nut (plus a rubber cushion for cushioned clamps). Various options are available for copper, black, cast iron, PVC and ABS pipes. via

How do you put on a beam clamp? (video)


Where are beam clamps used?

Beam clamps are commonly used where providing a dedicated lifting point, or crane is less practical. They may also be used where sharp girder edges or access around a beam rules out a choked sling alternative. via

What are beam trolleys used for?

Beam trolleys are one of the earliest conveyor types. They are simple to plan, install and use. Use them as one of the most affordable ways to move products efficiently. Because of this versatility, I-beam trolley applications include home workshop use, paint finishing lines and use in automotive assembly plants. via

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