Cobra F Max Irons

Are Cobra F-Max Irons forgiving?

The Cobra F-Max irons are lightweight, forgiving, and some of the easiest irons you’ll ever hit. If you’re looking to pick up the game, or just need help getting the basics down, the F-Max irons are a tough club to beat. via

Are Cobra F-Max Irons for beginners?

The Cobra F-Max irons are extremely easy to hit and a perfect choice for the average joe as well as beginners with moderate swing speeds. Available in ONE LENGTH configuration. via

What year did Cobra F-Max Irons come out?

Building off the success of the original F-MAX irons which debuted in 2017, the 2018 Cobra F-MAX men’s and women’s Superlite irons feature incredibly light-weight technologies and designs that provide more club speed, distance and easier launch than ever before. via

What loft are Cobra F-Max Irons?


Model Loft Length (Graphite & Steel)
7 Iron 31.5° 37.25″
8 Iron 35.5° 36.75″
9 Iron 40.0° 36.25″
PW 45.0° 36.00″


When did the Cobra F-max airspeed come out?

The Cobra F-Max Airspeed Irons were released early in 2020 with the promise of being the lightest-ever the manufacturer has produced. Cobra Golf introduced the F-Max design for the first time in 2017 and the new Airspeed version is the latest generation with the irons joined my a new driver, woods and hybrids. via

What degree is a Cobra F-max gap wedge?

Cobra F-Max SuperLite Wedge Pitching 45 Degree Womens Used Golf Club at via

How long is the Cobra F-Max driver?


Model Loft/Trajectory Settings Length
F-Max Driver 9.5º, 10.5º, 11.5º 45.5″


Are Cobra F Max Irons any good?

The F-MAX is a quality game-improvement iron from Cobra that packs a lot of value for the price. It delivers great distance, great distance control, a high launch and exceptional forgiveness, with options for ladies and for those who prefer the same club length throughout the set. via

What is the lightest golf club?

NEW COBRA Golf F-MAX Superlite Driver and Fairway Woods Help Golfers Experience The ‘Speed of Lite’ COBRA Golf, a leader in golf club innovation and design, has introduced its lightest, easiest to hit collection of drivers and fairways ever. via

What wedge is 52 degrees?

A 52-degree wedge is considered a gap wedge and is used to fill the gap between your pitching wedge and your sand wedge. Golfers who have a 52-degree wedge in their bag typically have a pitching wedge that’s between 47-48 degrees. via

What is a 58 degree wedge called?

A 58-degree wedge is considered a lob wedge and is mostly used for lobbing the ball high up in the air. This wedge can also be used out of the bunker and for chips on a downhill lie. For most golfers, a 58-degree wedge is the highest lofted club they should use. via

Is a gap wedge the same as a sand wedge?

Gap Wedge Vs Sand Wedge

A Gap Wedge has more loft than a Sand Wedge, this means the Sand Wedge will go shorter than a Gap Wedge. A Sand Wedge will be used more out of the bunker and for chip shots, where the Gap Wedge will be used more for bump and run shots around the green and full shots. via

What are the most forgiving drivers?

Most Forgiving Drivers

  • Cobra LTDx Max Driver.
  • Honma T//World GS Driver.
  • Wilson Staff D9 Driver.
  • Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver.
  • Titleist TSi1 Driver.
  • Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver. Best Sound And Feel In 2022.
  • Cleveland Launcher XL Driver. Suits A Broad Range Of Golfers.
  • Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver. Great Value Performance.
  • via

    Do offset drivers work?

    Do offset drivers really work? Offset drivers most definitely work for golfers who slice the ball consistently off the tee. In some respects, you could almost say that they work too well, offering an equipment fix for what is ultimately a problem with your swing. via

    When did Cobra F Max Hybrid come out?

    Available at Retail: 18/08/2017. The Cobra F Max hybrids are part of a new Super Game Improvement line with a big emphasis on being lightweight. The F Max line is aimed at the clear majority of golfers around the world falling into the high handicap category. via

    What are the easiest golf irons to hit?

  • 8 Most Forgiving Irons 2022.
  • Taylormade SIM2 Max OS – Best Overall.
  • Cobra F-Max Irons – Best for Moderate Swing Speeds.
  • Cleveland Launcher XL – Best for Crisp Clean Shots.
  • Cobra T-Rail Combo Set – Best for Low COG.
  • Wilson Launch Pad Irons – Best for High Launch.
  • Srixon ZX4 Irons – Best for Trajectory.
  • via

    What happens when golf clubs are too light?

    Worse, a clubhead that’s too light often results in poor swing mechanics like deceleration in the downswing, sequencing issues and a swing path that hits the ball with a glancing blow. “Efficient golfers hit with their body and get their body weight into it,” Mucklow says. via

    Are heavier irons better?

    Using a shaft that is optimized will lead to a consistently good ball and clubhead contact. That will result in improved accuracy and longer distance. The use of heavier iron shafts is said to contribute to greater accuracy, while lighter shafts are known to increase total distance. via

    What club should I use for 175 yards?

    5-iron = 80 to 175 yards. 6-iron = 70 to 165 yards. 7-iron = 65 to 155 yards. via

    Is a 52 or 56 wedge better?

    The 56- or 60-degree wedge will be a better choice than the 52 when you need something to fly high and land softly. Learning which loft is best for a shot takes a bit of time and what golfers call feel. The higher lofted wedges typically land more softly, and they will not roll as far. via

    What degree wedge is best for chipping?

    What degree wedge is best for chipping? For most golfers, a gap wedge or a sand wedge with loft of between 52° and 56° will produce the most consistent outcome when chipping. This is because you’ll be able to play most short-game shots you’re likely to come across out on the course. via

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