Breaking Bad Funko Pops

Does Funko make Breaking Bad Pops?

Product Description. From the hit AMC TV Series, Breaking Bad, it’s Walter White Cook ! Funko has given Walter White the vinyl treatment with this Breaking Bad Walter White Cook POP! Figure! via

What are the rarest Funko Pops of 2020?

  • 1 Glow in The Dark Alex DeLarge Clockwork Orange.
  • 2 Bloody Freddy Funko Jaime Lannister.
  • 3 Clown Dumbo.
  • 4 Metallic Signed Gold and Chrome Stan Lee.
  • 5 Glow in the Dark Frankenberry Freddy Funko.
  • 6 Glow in The Dark Buzz Lightyear Freddy Funko.
  • 7 Gold Dumbo.
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    Which Funko Pops are rare?

    These are the 20 most valuable Funko Pop Vinyls:

  • Black Ranger Freddy Funko. What is this?
  • Batman Freddy Funko (Blue Suit)
  • Bumble Freddy Funko (GITD)
  • Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix (Metallic)
  • Star Wars: Darth Maul (Holographic)
  • Buzz Lightyear Freddy Funko (Metallic)
  • Planet Arlia Vegeta.
  • Ghost Rider Freddy Funko (Metallic)
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    What is the rarest Funko Pop of all time?

  • 1 Freddy (Clear Glitter Creature)
  • 2 Freddy (Blue Stars)
  • 3 Freddy (Gold)
  • 4 Freddy Hopping Ghost (Purple)
  • 5 The Sheriff (Trick or Treat)
  • 6 Clockwork Orange (Glow in the Dark)
  • 7 Jaime Lannister (Bloody) (Freddy Funko)
  • 8 Stan Lee (Superhero) (Red Metallic)
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    What is Walter White’s middle name in breaking bad?

    Walter Hartwell “Walt” White Sr., also known by his alias Heisenberg, is the main protagonist of the American crime drama television series Breaking Bad. via

    How many funko Pops are there?

    Funko Pops are arguably the most sought-after collectibles, with around 20,000 different products put in a vast number of Pop Vinyl lines. via

    What is the first ever Funko Pop?

    The first Funko POP! figures were unveiled in 2010 at the San Diego Comic Con. Originally packaged as Funko Force 2.0, the first figures produced were Batgirl, Green Lantern, and two variants of Batman. They were shipped in clamshell plastic packaging too, rather than the iconic box for which POP! via

    Do pop Funkos have brains?

    Funko Pops do not have brains, and if you ever feel the need to check it, there are far safer ways to do so than to use a box cutter, hacksaw, belt saw or bread knife! Stay safe! via

    How can you tell if a Funko Pop is rare?

    The main factor that makes a Funko Pop rare is when there is a small number of pieces produced and if it is a regular or Chase Pop Vinyl. via

    Should I open my Funko Pop?

    In the end, choosing to unbox your figure (or not) should be 100% dependent on your personal preference. Funko Pop! figures can appreciate in value, but unless you’re a savvy seller and trader, we wouldn’t advocate keeping figures boxed for that reason. via

    How old was Jesse Pinkman?

    Jesse’s age was first mentioned by Gus’s doctor in the episode “Crawl Space,” and Jesse’s birthdate is established as September 24, 1984, which means that during the events of both “Felina” and El Camino, he should be 25 years old. via

    How tall is Jesse Pinkman?

    Bryan Cranston on ‘Breaking Bad’

    Walter’s partner in crime was Jesse Pinkman, played by 5’8” Aaron Paul. The 5’8” Giancarlo Esposito played intimidating crimelord Gus Fring. via

    Is Saul Goodman a bad guy?

    Saul Goodman is a normal man in a dangerous world. There are many stories like this and it’s always easy to cheer for the little guy. The show follows the amazing journey that started with Jimmy McGill and has now led to Saul Goodman. via

    Are Funko Pops still popular 2021?

    If you are wondering, are Funko Pops Dying? The short answer is No. The production company is still releasing pops, and since they recently started creating NFT versions, the Funko Pops are here to stay. Such NFTs are timeless and will help the Funko Pops Trend stay relevant for many years to come. via

    Are Gold Funko Pops rare?

    7 Hopper (Gold) — $3,120

    You get the metallic gold Stranger Things Hopper Pop, currently valued at $3,120. This version is super rare as there were only 40 made in total. It’s only a couple of years old, having released in 2018, so there’s still plenty of time for this Funko Pop to absolutely soar in price. via

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